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In another attack scenario, an attacker might blast the heat and AC at the same time, wanting the owner to practically bleed money for the utility bill until the ransom is paid. Everything in the thermostat runs with root privileges. “We got command injection by the SD card, so it was a local attack,” Tierney explained. “With root, you can set off alarm (and set the frequency very high) and can heat and cool at the same time.”

While this was a local attack, it also isn’t impossible to pull this off without gaining physical access to the device. The thermostat owner can use the SD card to load custom settings or wallpaper. Motherboard reported :

The researchers found that the thermostat didn’t really check what kind of files it was running and executing. In theory, this would allow a malicious hacker to hide malware into an application or what looks like a picture and trick users to transfer it on the thermostat, making it run automatically.

The researchers are by no means saying this particular ransomware would be an easy attack to pull off. Yet, it's not unrealistic to believe people would download a malware-tainted app. A month ago, Proofpoint 2014 newest online 2018 2019 new Discount Cheap Boost 330 Men Women Casual Shoes High Quality Alphabounce Cheap Fashion Jogging Shoes Free Shipping newest for sale fashion Style online free shipping factory outlet buy cheap shopping online UcozdRZKzz
that people were downloading a malicious version of Pokemon Go; it included a backdoor.

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As Tierney pointed out, if people were so inclined, they could purchase previously owned IoT thermostats. “You can buy one of these on eBay and there is no way of checking it. It is not difficult [to hack] and I did it in two evenings.”

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Uncovering Hidden Performance: Tools for Every IT Pro

He added, “You’re not just buying [Internet of Things] gear, you’re inviting people on your network and you have no idea what these things do.”

While this is the first confirmed instance of genetically-identical twins, it is impossible to say just how rare it is. "There have been rumours about twins in dogs before," says Joone. "We just happened to be lucky enough to be able to confirm it genetically."

It seems unlikely that identical twin puppies are particularly common. "It has taken so long for us to find a monozygotic pair, so they are probably rare," says Joone. "But so many of them will have been born naturally and blissfully unaware."

The mother gave birth to five other pups (Credit: Kurt de Cramer)

Non-identical multiples are common in many species, like dogs and rabbits. However, identical offspring are believed to be extremely rare. The exception is ourselves and nine-banded armadillos , which give birth to identical quadruplets, each with their own placenta.

People don't see these things unless they know to look

It is thought that identical twins are rare because, when two foetuses share one placenta, they do not get enough nutrients from the mother and are therefore less likely to survive.

For instance, identical twin foetuses have been reported in horses, but none have survived. A horse's placenta is not efficient enough to transport oxygen for two foetuses.

This means that when a twin foal dies in the womb, "the living one will abort due to his dead neighbour", says Jan Govaere of Ghent University, who in 2008 published a paper on the abortion of identical twin horses, one of which had died early on. "If a horse is carrying twins, most of them are lost within a month of gestation," he says.

It is not clear how rare genetically identical dogs are (Credit: Kurt de Cramer)

For the same reason, it was surprising to de Cramer that the identical twin pups he delivered were healthy. He had only seen one other case of Grey Elson Moten trainers find great for sale exclusive online footlocker pictures cheap price free shipping find great sale good selling Of9CE
, and the foetuses were already dead when he performed aCaesarean section.

"It is even less likely for placenta-sharing puppies to survive, because of several complications relating to nutrient and oxygen supply from a single placenta having to do the job that is normally done by two placentas," he says.

Today the twin dogs, called Cullen and Romulus,are still doing well. They were slightly smaller at birth, but by the time they were six weeks old they had reached a similar size to the other pups in their litter.

As with many rare things in nature, "people don't see these things unless they know to look," says Joone. "Perhaps now they will, and more will appear."

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