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What is a Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection, or CLABSI?

A central line , like the name implies, is a catheter that gains direct entry into the bloodstream with the tip of a line sitting either within the superior vena cava or inferior vena cava, or within one of the great vessels of the neck.

central line

As a result of its central location, this type of catheter can occasionally allow pathogens to gain direct entry into the bloodstream. If this occurs, because of the location of the catheter, patients become unwell very quickly. This is why prompt assessment, recognition and treatment of CLABSIs is essential to help ensure favourable patient outcomes are achieved (Chopra 2013).

assessment, recognition and treatment of CLABSIs is essential

In Australia, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care states that certain criteria need to be met in order for the patient to be diagnosed with a CLABSI (ACSQHC 2017). Thesecriteria involvethe timing of the central line and when it was inserted, a sample of blood cultures taken, and any infection not being attributable to an infection at another site. As well as this, the patient must display at least one symptom of fever, chills and/or Low Heel OvertheKnee Tall Boots buy cheap new arrival buy cheap shopping online Mw7EZ
, and also the same potential contaminant organism must be cultured from two or more blood cultures drawn on separate occasions (ACSQHC 2017).

certain criteria need to be met in order for the patient to be diagnosed with a CLABSI

As you can imagine, the cost of CLABSI in both healthcare dollars and patient morbidity is high. Each CLABSI episode increases the length of the individual’s hospitalisation from 7 to 21 days, as well as substantially increasing the cost of the individual’s healthcare. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the causes of CLABSI and how we can prevent them from occurring (ANZICS 2014; Chopra 2013).

cost of CLABSI important to be aware of the causes of CLABSI

Central line-associated bloodstream infections are one of the most common, preventable healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Under the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, preventing and controlling HAIs are a priority in hospital and healthcare settings.

Central line-associated bloodstream infections are one of the most common, preventable healthcare-associated infections

Central venous catheter (CVCs) types include subclavian vein insertion and internal jugular vein insertion – Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI)

There are many different ways that contamination can occur of the central line and cause a central line-related infection . These include:

As tradition dictated, the cheese was named after the village of Camembert in Normandy, where Harel lived (Credit: Emily Monaco)

Despite the loss of the word, locals did finally earn AOC status for the traditional cheese in 1983, when the INAO developed an official charter, not for ‘camembert’ but for the phrase ‘Camembert de Normandie’. The cheese, it was decided, would be obligatorily made in Normandy, with the raw milk of pastured herds of cows ‘in a process of genetic evolution’ towards the Normande breed (a rule that was modified to specify that, at first, 25%, and then, in 2017, 50% of the herd be made up of Normande cattle).

By this point, however, even Normandy camembert no longer belonged to the small, artisanal producers that had once handmade this cheese throughout the region, ladling it into moulds in five distinct layers, as tradition dictates. Industrial giants such as Lactalis had set up shop and wanted their product to sport the AOP label. The caveat? They wanted to use pasteurised milk.

When this idea was shot down, industrial producers came up with their own solution: they began printing ‘Fabriqué en Normandie’ (Made in Normandy) on the boxes of the 60,000 tonnes of pasteurised camembert they produced annually, infuriating AOP producers, who produced a fraction of that amount – about 5,500 tonnes a year.

Despite arguments that the phrases were far too close for comfort, Fabriqué en Normandie continued to designate a camembert made with the pasteurised milk of Holstein cows, some of which had never seen a Norman pasture. This camembert also lacked the natural heterogeneity of the artisanal product: as far as large companies are concerned, Carantino explains, a consistent commercial identity is more important than natural seasonal variation.

Camembert became easy to ship thanks to the creation of its signature wooden box in the 19th Century (Credit: Czap, Daniel/Getty Images)

For decades, it seemed that a stalemate had been reached between artisanal and industrial producers, until this February, when they came to a
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: one unified AOP requiring the use of milk from Normande cows from Normandy – but allowing pasteurisation.

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in the village of Cambremer, about a 45-minute drive from Camembert, locals and tourists alike milled through a series of market stalls, tasting cheeses and other products from all over France. But inside a local meeting room, tensions were high.

“Pasteurised milk isn’t milk anymore!” culinary journalist Périco Légasse cried from his seat on a panel intended to discuss consumer faith in the AOP and AOC labels. “An AOP cheese is made with raw milk. That’s the very definition of it. Raw milk is the essence of a cheese.”

Raw milk is the essence of a cheese

Patrick Mercier, a farmer-producer of organic camembert and president of the Camembert ODG, the official collective behind the camembert AOP label, agreed, with a proviso: that the loss of raw milk as a requirement was a fair trade-off for the return of Normande milk.

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